How do I save a tweet to a collection?

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You can save any tweet to a collection by clicking the "Save" button at the top-right of any tweet. You can then select the appropriate collection to add the tweet to.


You can also access any collection and manually add a tweet from Twitter to that collection.

To do so, go to the collection tab,  click “Import Tweets”, and copy/paste one or more tweet URLs, separated by commas.


The last way you can save a tweet to a collection directly from Twitter is by using our Twitter bot. Whenever you see a tweet you like on Twitter, reply to it by mentioning @TweetHunterIO and the word "save".

  • If your reply contains the name of one of your collections, the tweet will be added there
  • If we can't find any collection matching a word of your reply, the tweet will be saved to "All my saved tweets" but not in any specific collection.
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