What is the tweet writing & scheduling tool?

How to use writing and scheduling tools?

Tweet Hunter allows you to easily write and schedule tweets. Our goal is to help you write and publish as many great tweets as you can in a short amount of time, so it only makes sense that we also offer a tweet writing & scheduling section.

Note: we need to ask for additional permission in order for you to be able to tweet from Tweet Hunter. We do it for security reasons which we believe makes it worth an extra click.


Scheduling your tweet within Tweet Hunter is key to being able to write & schedule a week's worth of content in under an hour.


Here are the different features available in the tool:

  • Tweet composer (text, emojis, images)
  • Drafts (where unscheduled tweets are saved)
  • Tweet now (to publish immediately)
  • Schedule (to schedule publication for a specific time)
  • Add to Queue (to schedule at the next available slot according to your tweet calendar)
  • Scheduled tweets (always possible to cancel a scheduled tweet before it's published)
  • Sent tweet (tweets that were published through Tweet Hunter)
  • Automations: Auto-RT, Auto-plug, hide url preview
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