What's the best way to use Tweet Hunter?

Our top tips for getting started with Tweet Hunter.

There are multiple ways you can use Tweet Hunter to grow on Twitter. However, we do recommend following these steps if you want to maximize your productivity.

Tweet Hunter daily / weekly routine

What we suggest is to make using Tweet Hunter a daily or weekly routine. Why? Because if you want to grow on Twitter and still have time to focus on important things like running a business or your day job, you need to find a routine to make all of it work together.

You can do 15 minutes per day, or a couple of hours a week, whichever works best for you.

And here's what we recommend you do during that routine.

Step 1 - Find tweets to get inspired by

Using Auto, Search and Staff Picks (which you'll find in Collections), you can easily find many high-performing tweets which can inspire you to make your own tweets. What we recommend is to save the tweets you like to a personal collection you can access any time you need inspiration.

Step 2 - Visualize your Collection (i.e. swipe file) and start writing

Access your personal collection of tweets, and start using the tweet writing & scheduling tool on the right side of your screen (it's open by default). We recommend you try to re-phrase / adapt each tweet you see and simply press "Add to Queue" whenever you feel you're satisfied with what you have written.

If you're a subscriber to the GROW plan, our AI Writing Assistant is here to help you! Just ask it to re-write tweets for you, then tweak it and add it to the queue.

Using these steps, you can easily take under 60 seconds to write and schedule a tweet, so you should manage to write a week's worth of content in under an hour.

Note: you need to have your queue set up if you want to easily add tweets to your schedule. We suggest anything between 2 and 10 tweets per day. What's great is we tell you which time is best to post based on your followers' activity.

Step 3 - Engage with other accounts

Use the Tweet Hunter Engage feature (now available in all plans) to find relevant tweets to engage with. Enter the relevant keywords and we'll show you relevant tweets you can reply to from Tweet Hunter. Sorting is based on keywords, date published, number of followers, and number of engagements.

For this particular step, we recommend you do it daily, particularly if you have a small account.

Automation features to help you grow

We provide all our users with the key features they need to keep growing:

Auto-RT: automatically retweet my tweet X hours after it's published

Auto-plug: automatically reply to my tweet with a promotional message if the tweet reaches X likes

Evergreen: regularly RT some of my best past tweets so I stay visible all the time

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