How can I find tweets to take inspiration from?

What features and techniques you can use to come up with tweet ideas?

Tweet Hunter helps you find best-in-class tweets that have reached high engagement on Twitter. You can use these tweets to get inspired and write your own tweets 10x faster.

We also developed a tweet-generating AI engine that acts as a writing assistant to you. It provides tweets, replies, thread ideas and hooks, and so much more.

There are a few ways you can find tweets on Tweet Hunter

AI Tweets tab

The AI Tweets tab is where you'll find the AI-generated tweets our engine has come up with for you. It does so by analyzing your Twitter account and trying to understand who you are and what you could want to talk about. This section updates daily.

Daily Inspiration section

We use our AI engine to analyze your Twitter account and the topics you usually tweet about. Using that information, we find the best-performing tweets for these topics. This way you can easily find relevant tweets without having anything to do but visit the Daily Inspiration section.

Note: if you feel these aren’t very relevant to your account, you may also adjust your Search settings to better guide our AI.

Search mode

The Search page allows you to look for tweets containing any keyword or written by any @handle. Perfect if you have something specific you want to talk about. You can also make good use of our filters to get only the tweets and threads you want to find.

Staff Pick's collections

The Collections section contains your own saved tweets, as well as over 2000+ amazing tweets that were hand-curated by professional Twitter copywriters. Learn more.

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