How does Auto-DM work?

Description of Auto-DM feature

Auto-DM is one of the most important features of Tweet Hunter.

Auto-DM allows you to automatically send a Direct Message to people based on how they have interacted with one of your tweets. You can ask people to engage on your tweet (reply, retweet, or, like) and automatically send them a DM when they do so.

One of the common use cases is publishing a tweet saying you’ll send over a free resource to people who perform the requested action on the tweet.

You can pick multiple conditions for the same tweet (like, reply, retweet). However, doing only one of them will trigger the DM to be sent (OR, not AND).

How to send Auto -DM message:

Auto-DM is as simple as making a tweet from TweetHunter. Just go write a tweet.

Step 1: Open the tweet composer

Step 2: Write the content you want to tweet

Step 3: Below the content box you will see the option for Auto-DM

Step 4: EnableActive it, select the trigger and write the DM you want to send when the condition is fulfilled.

Step 5: Once completed, You can tweet now or add the tweet to Queue and AI will do the rest.

How to personalize the DM message:

You can send a personalized introductory message to anyone who retweeted or liked your tweet. Sending a personalized DM to someone who just interacted with your content is a great way to build rapport with someone and grow your account.

You can go further in customizing your message by adding these variables.

  • Use [tweet] to link to the original tweet (to remind them why they're getting the message)
  • Use [handle] to add the receiver handle and make it more personal
  • Use [name] to add the Twitter displayed name (also to make it more personal)
  • Use [first] to add the first word of the recipient’s name

For Example:


And I can send this personalized message to everyone who liked it.


This simple message might be the beginning of a new friendship or a business opportunity. With Auto -DM you can do it at scale.

To get the most out of the Auto-DM feature, use it to promote freebies/giveaways, get signups, and create real interaction with users who have engaged with your content.


PRO TIP: Encouraging people to comment works better for increasing the reach of tweets than likes.


Some examples of how we use the Auto-DM feature ourselves.

Promoting Job Opening:


Promoting a tool/product:


Promoting a freebie and getting signups:


Promoting a feature of Tweethunter:

Important notes:

  • The Auto-DM feature will work on a tweet for the first 72 hours. Once that time is over, AI won't be checking for new engagements on your tweet.
  • During the first 24 hours, we will be checking for new engagements every minute. After that, the checks will become less regular over time.
  • Auto -DMs are limited to 750 DMs per 24-hour period. This is done to help prevent your account from being blocked from sending DMs by Twitter.
  • Spam policy: you must be transparent when using Auto DM on a tweet. Unsolicited DMs are considered spam by Twitter. For this reason, we ask that you systematically mention you’ll be sending a DM to people who interact with your tweet. This helps Twitter remain a people-first platform and helps keep your account safe.
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