How does the TweetPredict Work?

Description of Tweet Hunter scheduling tool

TweetPredict™ is a new core feature for Tweet Hunter. It’s a world-first in AI technology and social media tools.

Ever wondered if that tweet you just wrote was going to get a lot of engagement?

Ever thought a tweet would be massively successful, but it just got one like from your best friend?

Do you wish you kept improving your writing skills every single day?

That’s exactly what TweetPredict™ does.


TweetPredict™ is an advanced AI technology dedicated to predicting tweet performance. It helps you know whether a tweet is a gem or a lemon before it’s even posted.

TweetPredict™ tells you whether your tweet is:

  • Inconsistent - hard to predict
  • OKk - average performance
  • Above average
  • High potential

How does TweetPredict™ work?

Whenever you are composing a tweet in Tweet Hunter, TweetPredict™ will analyze what you’re writing in real-time and tell you how it ranks your tweet.

Our AI was trained on a set of millions of viral tweets to identify overperforming phrasings and tweet structures.


In addition, Tweet Hunter analyzes a subset of your latest tweets and understands your topics, best-performing keywords, and tone. Based on those criteria (and the magic sauce behind the algorithm), we can predict with 83% accuracy whether your tweet will be regular, above-average, or high performing.

And it doesn’t stop there. Because we use your past performance to make the prediction, the more you’ll keep using it, the more you’ll improve.

So not only does TweetPredict™ help you on the spot, but it also acts as a long-term copywriting coach.


Note: In order for TweetPredict™ to function properly, your Twitter account needs to have at least 200 published tweets. This is necessary for our AI to be able to analyze your account properly.

How to tweet like your favorite account?

Are you just getting started on Twitter and have only a few tweets?

Or Let’s say you made a drastic decision to change what you talk about on Twitter?

You can still use TweetPredict™ to your advantage.

Just input someone else’s account instead of yours as a basis for the analysis, and start tweeting like any of the Twitter superstars out there.


Once you start composing a Tweet, you will see a loading circle near the “text box”. Once TweetPredict™ has analyzed your tweet, it will assign it one of the 4 predictions.

If you click on the icon, a new pop-up will appear on the left-hand side.

Click on “How to interpret results” and from there you’ll be able to add the Twitter handle of the account (It could be any account whose tweet style you would like to replicate).


Note: capitalization of the handle is important. If the handle is "JohnDoe", adding "johndoe" won't work.

From now on, TwitterPredict™ will compare your tweets to that account's past tweets and give you a prediction accordingly.

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